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blue waffles disease
with triplets after sitting in the hot tub and all the parents, children and men different, which was in the hot tub. Could happen to me?"Perhaps, I was a little overconfident healthsymptomsblog healthwhen asked about the first "blue waffle disease", assuming that he girl thingyl health is an important part of the overall women's health. girl thingyl health is an important part of t work and stress, all the way to self-confidence. If you know to recognize the signs and symptoms of girl thingyl problems, you can do a lot and help themselves.

What affects the health of the diseasecontrols health ?

The girl thingy is a closed muscular canal that extends from the vulva - outside the female genital area - to the cervix (cervical). Various factors can affect the health of the girl thingy.
What are the most common problems with the girl thingy?

Conditions that most strongly influence the girl thingy various sexual problems such as pain during intimate relationship, then infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse, such as herpes or fungus, and vaginitis - an infection which disturbs the hormonal balance of the girl thingy and causes inflammation.

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to consult your gynecologist. The girl thingy is very sensitive and must not attempt to treat yourself. Sometimes it may seem that you have failed, but in fact the disease is just lying low and long term can cause a lot of dangerous consequences. Your doctor will know what to do and the time to solve your problem.
healthyhealth123 health

bleeding and pain. For both problems are advised softening stools, fiber-enriched diet and hot tubs. After forty years may cause bleeding and diverticulosis, while requiring hospitalization or surgery. Causes that can even lead to bleeding are bacterial infections and various infections, polyps, tumors and trauma.Hemorrhoids and Their Role

Hemorrhoidal nodes or pads are normal anatomical structures located in the final part of the colon chitterlings problems anus. Are mostly composed of a tangle of blood vessels that are interwoven arterial and venous circulation, so. arterio-venous shunts. Characteristic of these shunts is atypical structure of the blood vessels which, due to lack of muscle layer, a very thin wall vulnerable to injury. In addition to the blood vessels, material piles makes elastic and supportive tissue, and a layer of smooth muscle.

Normally, hemorrhoids are one of the mechanisms of control of continence, especially active during the current control stool (diarrhea) and winds. Covered with mucous membrane, which has a sensory tissue that allows us to distinguish formed stools, liquid stools and winds.
What is the hemorrhoidal disease?
Studies have shown that between 20 and 50% of pregnant women have problems with increased hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidal disease is a disease of modern times. In addition to genetic predisposition, dietary habits and lifestyle have contributed to an estimated 50% of middle-aged and elderly has occasionally or frequently present problems caused by hemorrhoidal disease. Increased pressure in the pelvis can also lead to increased hemorrhoids, as seen in some diseases of pelvic organs, and very often in pregnancy. Studies have shown that between 20 and 50% of pregnant women have problems with increased hemorrhoids.
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