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xx ear infection symptoms
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ear infection symptoms
When improper attempt removal of cerumen from ear problems arise, and itching and hearing loss increases

I believe that many of us have experienced at least once an uncomfortable feeling of deafness, fullness and discomfort in the ear, noise, and sometimes dizziness, usually after a bath or attempts to alleviate itching in the ear by using the so-called. cottoned "baby sticks."

The cause of this phenomenon is the cerumen, or, as they are often called, ear wax, resin. Cerumen is tan mass in the ear canal (ear canal) occurs as a result of work ceruminalnih glands and sweat glands, mixed with shed skin cells, dirt particles and a few hairs from the ear canal. Create and spontaneously cleaning cerumen from the ear canal are natural phenomena. healthsymptomsblog function and healthy diet However, in some people, there is a complete blockage of ear cerumen, either due to increased production or shortness of spontaneous cleaning (eg narrowed ear canal, age), and often improper conduct in personal hygiene ear. That's when the problems that can be very uncomfortable, and when you first contact us, usually scare the uncomfortable feeling of fullness and hearing loss (pressure) in the ears, dizziness, or forests.
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