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xx lower back pain
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lower back pain
Watch your back, you have only one

Low back pain follows a man probably since the beginning of its development until today. Back pain is the price evolution - the transition from four-legged to the upright gait allowed the man domination of Earth, but also burdened spine. In developed countries, 50-80% of the population had experienced back pain. First back pain can occur for the 30s year. This is the result of unhealthy lifestyle, with little movement and too much sitting at work, at leisure, with the computer, in the car ...

Spine's bony column length about 75 cm in men and 65 cm in women. It consists of 33 vertebrae that are joined in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar part connected međukralješničnim coils (Disc intervertebrales) and krstačnom and rump of the coalesced and make namesake bone. It supports about 140 muscles that control its movements - the muscles of the neck, back and chest to the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. Of 33 vertebrae, 24 of them related međukralješničnim coils that elastically distributed loads. Each coil is located outside the binding ring in the middle of soft core, like a spring that reduces the transmission of earthquake forces. This core is like a jelly mass in young people and contains up to 88% water. Changes in the soft core start already in puberty, and over the years the content of the liquid is reduced even at 70%. But despite the changes međukralješničnim discussion their workloads with age does not decrease. Acute back pain
Occurs suddenly, often after the "wrong" movement or lifting, with pain in the lower back. The pain can be so severe that the patient currently remains stiff in a certain position. If the button is pressed and the nerve at this point comes from the spine, pain, "lightening" along the legs, sometimes all the way to the foot. Such a condition called lumboischialgia or "sciatica".
depending on the need, from time to time, seek help. Due to insufficient knowledge and understanding usually not be able to properly deal with the future problems of the back. Lower point of this program is your own responsibility for the situation
Chronic back pain
It is thought the back pain that lasts more than 14 days, resulting in a long-term, chronic process of aging and wear and tear of the spine (degenerative changes). Deformed vertebrae and discus, sore joints and small changes to the ligaments and muscles, they can click the nerve structures causing pain. Then the pain is prolonged or occurs occasionally with a sense of rigidity, but it is still milder than acute.
Pain is a sign that something is not working as it should, but it's always better to invest in health and not wait for the pain.
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