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Specific and common cause is an anaerobic microorganism protozoan Trichomonas girl thingylis , but is now considered that the majority of infections caused by bacteria ( Gardnerella girl thingylis and anaerobic microorganisms of the genus Prevotella , Mobiluncus , etc. ) . Bacterial vaginosis caused by Gardnerella girl thingylis is characterized by gray-white discharge smells like fish and is the most common infection of the girl thingy . It can occur regardless of sexual activity , although it is more common in sexually active women .
Infection Candida albicans causes profuse cheesy white discharge , inflammation of the lining of the girl thingy and vulva , itching , and painful intercourse . Thrush can develop after the use of antibiotics , oral contraceptives or unutarmaterničnog cartridge , and is more common in women with diabetes . All vaginosis can be treated with appropriate medication .
HIV disease or AIDS
Condom significantly reduces the possibility of HIV infection and other causes of sexually transmitted diseases .
AIDS or AIDS is a contagious disease of progressive fixed by the entry into the bloodstream causes the HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus ) - human immunodeficiency virus damaging the immune system of the infected . HIV is transmitted through : sexual contact with an infected person , by sharing needles and syringes with drug use , and from an infected mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth . AIDS is the late stage of HIV infection and incurable disease against which there is currently no cure or vaccine .
From the moment of HIV infection to onset of AIDS and pass it around 10 or more years , during which the virus destroys the immune system of the body .blue waffles source In the first phase, when a person is infected , and no symptoms of the disease , it can spread the infection by one of these routes of transmission . Sexual contact ( girl thingyl , anal , oral ) are the most important way of spreading HIV infection . Social contacts as handling , stay in the same room , touching the same objects , etc. , are ways of spreading the disease . The disease can begin increasing the temperature and the difficulties that resemble the flu .
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